Friday, May 1, 2009


Wow, it's been nearly a month since I posted last. Sorry for that! There's been a lot happening here at BP HQ:

1) My no-product experiment lasted about a week. Perhaps I'll try this again in winter after I cut a good deal of my hair off. Trying this on hair as long and thick as mine in a Florida summer when the a/c in your car doesn't work? Nahhh...

2) Started, freaked out over, and completed my final paper for Art History. I went to class one day when I was about half way through and my teacher says, "Oh, by the way, your papers only have to be 1,500 words!" Everyone cheered! ...Except for me. I was already at 1,800 and assumed I was heading for 3,000. Seriously cut down on the amount of analysis I was planning. I think after all the editing and rearranging my argument to fit a smaller word count, I still ended up with about 1,800 words. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of it, considering, and if Blogger would ever make it so that I could put things behind a cut in a post, I would post it here. In the meantime...

3) I still have my final exam which means ten pieces to study and I might end up with a few of them on this blog, as I have done before. I skipped posting for my last test but may throw in a couple of those anyway. I'll have to go back and look to see if any of them were really interesting. The reason I didn't post them is because...

4) My laptop got broken. I don't know exactly how. It wasn't with me at the time. All I know is that the LCD screen was WAY cracked and that Kyle isn't allowed to take it to school anymore. My laptop is a MacBook and I really, REALLY could not afford to get it fixed professionally so we figured out how to fix it ourselves, ordered the part, and did so. The only problem was when we tried to put the hinge cover back on, we may have accidentally ripped the data display cable just a weensy bit. We ordered that part and it's here now, waiting to be installed, but because of finals and fear, we haven't quite gotten around to it. But hopefully once we get that all slapped together my computer will be good as new again, which was actually not all that good and I seriously doubt I'll ever be buying another Apple computer. It's Just. Not. Worth it.

Yesterday, I got my copy of the Fiction Writing class anthology. It's...actually a little embarrassing. Either the copy editors really dropped the ball on a lot of this stuff or the writers themselves didn't bother to make the necessary edits but in either case, the grammar and punctuation alone are pretty painful. I really enjoyed the class though, and I really enjoyed having a deadline that required that I sit down and write creatively. I'm glad I took it.

Today I need to make up a grocery list and whenever Kyle gets home from studying at the library we'll head to the store. I think tomorrow his grandparents are going to be stopping by for dinner and their way out of Florida back to North Carolina. My Art History final is Wednesday morning and then I'm done, baby!

I'll be updating again soon with a few AH snippets. Baroque to Modern, yay!

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