Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Backup Plans

If the Art History thing doesn't work out and I never follow through with the Astronomy thing (which I probably wouldn't) and I decide that I DON'T actually want to end up as a high school English teacher, I think I would like to open a restaurant. Nothing fancy, just a little place where I can offer to people like me the things that I can not find in a restaurant.

Karlen: Where would you like to eat tonight?
Kyle: I don't know. Somewhere with vegetarian options and drink specials.
Karlen: Um, TFB, bro.
Kyle: Yeah, I just severely limited our options down to none.


margie said...

Home sweet vegatarian drink special home.

Anonymous said...

Jason wants to be a chef so maybe we can hook up with this idea one day!

<3 Tiffany