Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh, Well...

I hated the way the blog looked so I went back to one of the top/bottom orientations. It ruins all of the pictures but I'm sure one day when I have time to devote to it, I will find away around this. For now, I'm just giving up.

I have been composing posts in my head and trying to organize my thoughts but I don't know if I'm creating several little posts or one big one. It could go either way. I don't actually know how to blog, by the way, but I guess don't tell anybody?

In the meantime, check out Rae's blog. There are recipes for tuna croquettes and beet salad, as well as some incredible photos of Central and South America. I'm vaguely trying to encourage her to write more (and perhaps post a little over here wink wink nudge?) so leave her some love, too!

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