Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Can't I Ever Just Have Things My Way?!

So, you want to know what makes me completely banana sandwich? Usually when I try to post pictures here, they come out too big and are cut off half way to the right. I have to upload them to my own image host and resize them but it's a pain in the ass. So, I'm trying to change the effing template on my blog and I'm having a lot of difficulty doing so. Why are there no templates designed with a top/bottom orientation instead of left/right. I don't WANT the column of Contributors, Archive, and Blogrolls to be on the right side. I want them at the top. Or, at least, I want them to be out of the way and not ruining the alignment of whatever I'm posting. I've found other templates I could use but whenever I try to copy and paste the code (following the instructions given by the owner of the template) it won't parse correctly and I don't know enough HTML to be able to go through and find the problem. Suddenly, my template was a big CF of broken code, so I just tried reverting back to the default blogger template AND IT'S STILL MESSED UP!

This really isn't what I wanted to be doing with my afternoon. If anyone has any advice (other than "Ho ho, don't use Blogger!"), it would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Ok, just kidding, I guess. I found a top/bottom orientation template. It's ugly but I can fix that later, and at least I'm not infected with RAGE anymore.

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