Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mister Science Comes to Town

[AP Photo via Shakesville]

John McCain visited the Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute at the University of South Florida in Tampa today. Cindy McCain (just behind Father Time) looks like she's trying very hard not to grab the back of his head and shove. I know I would be.

I gave my final speech today (on Harold Edgerton and his incredible work) and turned in my English portfolio. I got an A on my research paper about Kate Chopin and on my last essay, so yay! My prof seemed kind of scary when the semester first started but I ended up really liking her. She asked me what I was majoring in and when I told her education she got really excited and said she thought that would be perfect for me. I am a teacher's pet and I am not ashamed.

I then photographed my friend Stephanie in the studio for her graduation announcements. I was done with that around 4:57 (that's what time it was when I got in the car to leave). Caecus had to go to class and he had our house keys so I've been stuck in the school library since around 5:20 (that's what time it was when I got back to the school after driving all the way home before realizing I couldn't get in). We always meet at the library when I come pick him up so he should be downstairs waiting for me in, you know, between 15 minutes 45 minutes. And he forgot his phone. Oi.

Stephanie and I finished our documentary project for Editorial last night. It's good. Real good. I'll put it up when I get around to uploading it to the internets. We turn that in tomorrow. This semester is wrapping up quickly.

Caecus and I saw an old man with a big white beard on a pink Vespa today.

It was awesome!!!

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