Monday, March 17, 2008

The Kickoff

Hello, friends and loved ones, and welcome to our new home on the internet. Many of you have been asking "What are we supposed to talk about?" and I would say that at this point, everything is fair game. I think once we get the blog ball rolling we can sharpen the focus (or not, if it seems to be working itself out) but for now, so as not to limit anyone's creativity and stand in the way of forming a new blogging habit, we will leave the topics up to you. Books, articles, movies, music, anything you find interesting or relevant, post it up and give us your opinion and, hopefully, prepare for some rousing conversation and possibly heated debate. So, dish out your vim and vinegar, allow voice to your spleen and ideal, stick it to 'em and hype what you like. But, most of all, have a good time!

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